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By Tom Fenwick June From the tastemaker sounds of Rap Caviar to the glacial beats of Icelandic hip-hop, here are the playlists no self-respecting hip-hop fan should be without. Back in the day, the mixtape was the driving force behind hip-hop culture.

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It's hard to imagine anyone in rock doing this -- Trent Reznor, say, menacingly surrounded by the roster from his label, Nothing. But in hip-hop, such shows of collective strength are growing more common, as rap labels increasingly style themselves as families. Like the Mafia families whose Hollywood mythification has so influenced gangsta rap, these labels compete to dominate the lucrative hip-hop market.

Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. High above a leafy Westchester neighborhood, a helicopter full of federal agents zeroes in on a gated house with a red-tiled roof.

By Cassie Carpenter. Rapper Lil Wayne prompted criticism after he was spotted filming a new music video where he tramples an American flag and proceeds to jump up and down on the national symbol. The year-old returned to his old 'stomping' grounds of Hollygrove, New Orleans to shoot the video for 'God Bless Amerika', a single off his album.

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By Heidi Parker For Dailymail. Lil Wayne was reportedly guzzling large quantities of cough syrup concoction lean before suffering two seizures that caused his private jet to make two emergency landings on Monday. Lil Wayne was holding five 16oz bottles of the sizzurp mix while at his show, and drank three bottles just by himself over the weekend, the gossip site reported on Tuesday.

This is a story about how we got here. We were blown away and eagerly waited for someone to replicate it for other genres. One year later, we were still waiting.

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More than a month ago, my wife and I thought that our home had become infested with bed bugs. Over the course of a week, we began getting bitten, presumably while we slept. First me, then Elysha, then Clara and finally Charlie.

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They gon' keep it cool 'cause we'll rat them niggas Huh, livin' to die, nigga we dyin' to live Dyin' to live Had to sacrifice my life just for my mom and kids Mom and kids Beefin' with some real killers, they at my momma crib Turn me to a monster, gotta show you niggas what time it is, huh I got a rush, now none of these niggas wanna hit me up Boom boom boom I was taught to kill a real killer, and it'll get you loved Get you loved Fast game a nigga thirty years and he stuck And he stuck Still prayin' he don't get me up, huh [Meek Mill] We gon' wake yo' dog up on that cash, huh Brr Send a message to 'em with no mask, huh With no mask You don't wanna see my lil' nigga in yo' grass, huh In yo' grass Hangin' all out the window, swingin' that Mac, huh Straight up Pay you back, nigga gon' pay you back Pay you back 21, 21 Leave 'em with some real rich niggas that'll get you wet Get you what? We ain't ever fittin' with no nigga with like, "Where you at? Coup de coeur.

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