Thumb sucking addiction

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This post's average rating is: 2. We are the creators of habit in our children. We watch our parents do things and our children follow suit.

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February 19, The mum, a psychologist who specialises in addiction, doesn't see the point in trying to stop the habit she has had since when she was little. Thumb sucking can be a hard habit to kick, as Marlene Headington, a psychologist specialising in addiction, knows.

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Special Offers. Do you remember when you stopped sucking your thumb? Nearly nine out of 10 babies start to suck on their thumb or another part of their hands just hours after birth.

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She has been sucking hers for 37 years. She reserves her habit for bed, although her thumb still sneaks into her mouth when she is tired or stressed. Her teeth are fine and she struggles to sleep without it, so she has no plans to stop. Many kids grow out of it.

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Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. Resolution, Not Conflict.

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Thumbsucking is a completely natural response babies develop along with their suckling reflexes. According to the department, babies have a natural urge to suck, which should decrease after six months. In rare cases in which thumbsucking extends beyond the age of five, it is likely a response to an emotional issue or other disorder, such as anxiety.

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The root cause of all confusion is lack of information. This is true in case of parents when their child picks up the thumb sucking habit. The numerous tips and suggestions you get along the way are often conflicting, something that further increases the confusion.

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What some see as an addiction others might call a habit, and vice versa. How do addictions and habits differ, and in what ways are they similar? There are certainly examples that make it challenging to differentiate between addictions and habits, vindicating the ongoing debate surrounding this topic.

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Thumb sucking is a behavior found in humans, chimpanzeescaptive ring-tailed lemurs[1] and other primates. It can also be accomplished with any organ within reach such as other fingers and toes and is considered to be soothing and therapeutic for the person. As a child develops the habit, it will usually develop a "favorite" finger to suck on. At birth, a baby will reflexively suck any object placed in its mouth; this is the sucking reflex responsible for breastfeeding.


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