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Madison Paige is a fictional character in the video game Heavy Rain. Within Heavy Rainshe is presented as a female photographer and journalist who suffers from chronic insomnia. She is one of four played protagonists in the game, and begins investigating the "Origami Killer", a serial killer who targets children and drowns them in rainwater.

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Greatest game ever made. That tits shot was completely unnecessary in relation to the rest of the trailer. Looks freaking awesome though both tits and the game itself.

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After buying Heavy Rain and feeling up for a challenge my friend Julian proposed that we play the whole game from start to finish, rumoured to take around 10 hours we thought this would be a breeze, casually playing the game with a few beers and some snacks. How wrong we were. Heavy Rain is a revolutionary RPG where you play four different characters who are each investigating a spate of murders carried out by the Origami Killer who kidnaps and drowns young boys, paedo anyone?

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One of Heavy Rain'swidely discussed elements was its inclusion of sex and nudity. However, even with an ESRB Mature rating and an UK 15 BBFC certificate, it shied away from showing you the full monty, using clever camera angles and well placed objects to protect our eyes from the beauty of the naked form. This is odd, seeing that in UK TV broadcasting, full-frontal nudity is wholly acceptable and somewhat commonplace on national TV, after the 9pm 'watershed'.

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Heavy Rain remastered is out for the PS4 this month, and boy, some aspects of the game have not aged well. Back when Heavy Rain came out init marketed itself as a video game for adults. So, there was nudity.

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A French website leaked over 6 minutes of what appears to be actual gameplay footage from Heavy Rainincluding female Madison Paige taking a shower and peeing. Several warnings must preface this post. Aside from the obvious spoiler warning, you should also know that the video discussed contains actual female nudity and is therefore not safe for work.

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One Heavy Rain glitch uncovered during the last few days apparently leaves character Madison Page with no clothes on. There's a video on Kotaku claiming to be proof. To relieve Madison Page of her clothes, decline the kiss with Ethan Mars but trigger the love, so to speak. Reload a saved Page game and there she will be, naked.

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A shortage of "Heavy Rain" discs in the U. It's now been joined by leading lady Madison Page's birthday suit. A glitch somewhere in the code reportedly allowed a user to walk around uncovered as Madison after activating a sequence he didn't want to see.

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