The traditional geisha

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Many experienced geisha are successful enough to choose to live independently. Before the twentieth century, geisha training began when a girl was around the age of four. Now, girls usually go to school until they are teenagers and then make the personal decision to train to become a geisha.

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Expensive guided tours and accommodations that give wealthy visitors to Japan rare opportunities to experience traditional culture in the historical city of Kyoto are picking up steam. Services include the company of traditional female entertainers, known as maiko and geiko, a rare experience for non-Japanese Although this edition of "Geisha in Rivalry" is a translation of a censored version of the more racy original, it represents Nagai's rediscovery of the fast-disappearing traditional culture of Japan.

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On the pages of my website you will find examples of Geisha and Maiko makeup and costume. Typically, these images are taken from some of the workshops I have organized and directed in recent years. While I have used Japanese themes creatively, I also use them traditionally.

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For a geisha, getting ready for work involves hours of preparation. The distinctive appearance of a geisha is part of her allure, but it's not only about beauty and exclusivity. It's also a way to tell the difference between a maiko and a geisha and between a child geisha and an adult geisha. You can tell a lot about a geisha just by looking at her.

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Contrary to popular belief, geisha are not the Eastern equivalent of a prostitute, a misconception originating in the West due to interactions with Japanese oiran courtesanswhose traditional attire is similar to that of geisha. The most literal translation of geisha into English would be "artist", "performing artist", or "artisan". This term is used to refer to geisha from Western Japan, which includes Kyoto and Kanazawa.

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Geisha or geiko are professional entertainers who attend guests during meals, banquets and other occasions. They are trained in various traditional Japanese artssuch as dance and music, as well as in the art of communication. Their role is to make guests feel at ease with conversation, drinking games and dance performances.

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Kouta literally means little ko songs uta. It is a traditional lyric song which is orally passed down since the 19th century Edo era. Kouta are short songs which are usually accompanied by shamisen, which is a traditional Japanese musical instrument resembling a guitar.

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Walking quietly passed wooden and bamboo houses through the hauntingly empty streets of Gion. Lanterns float and bicycles lean against the wooden walls. My feet slap on the wet stones as I take in these picture perfect surroundings with thoughts running through my head as to what I am about to learn and witness. Butterflies in my stomach dance around as adrenaline pulses through my veins.

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We provide joyful and inspiring opportunities for international visitors from all over the the world to experience Japanese culture, continuing the traditions of beauty and hospitality in Japan as a studio that specializes in Maiko and Geisha makeover experiences. We love Kyoto and we love the world of the maiko. It is our pleasure to provide you with an impressive and fun experience through traditional Kyoto culture.

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According to most estimates, there are about geisha in Japanand many of them live and work in Kyoto, where they are properly known as geiko. The origins of today's geisha geiko and maiko can be traced back to the Edo Period —although they became most popular during the Taisho Period — To answer the most common question regarding geisha: they are most definitely not prostitutes. Rather, geisha are highly skilled entertainers, who entertain guests at private parties and dinners.


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