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Or maybe you spent your ride staring at an ad for breast augmentation surgery. As reported first by Pavithra Mohan in FastCo, the Metropolitan Transportation Agency MTA has turned down a series of ads commissioned by Unbounda woman-owned, feminist company that sells everything from vibrators to lingerie to lube. The Unbound ads don't feature any nudity.

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The goal of Where's Wally? More than 90 comical photographs have been shared on Instagram, featuring the toy hidden in a beach bar scene, in a messy kitchen and it has even been taken on holiday to Stockholm. Sometimes houses need auditing, too.

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No, these are the images and concepts that stayed with us long after we found Waldo, and for probably the wrong reasons. Of all the things found while searching for Waldo, here are the 9 strangest. The most notable addition to this sandy controversy was the image of a sunbathing woman who exposes herself while jumping up in surprise when a kid jams an ice cream scoop onto her back while a smiling man looks on fondly and takes mental notes, presumably in front of his wife.

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Takeaway: Amazon's Sexual Wellness section is chock-full of sex toys, but it's a mixed bag. Buyer beware. One of the perks of working at Kinkly is that I often receive toys from top sex toy manufacturers and retailers. Companies with a history.

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Next time you're struggling on a particularly challenging page of Where's Wallythere could be an easy solution. A robot with the sole purpose of picking out the elusive Wally's face in a crowd has been built. Designed by creative agency Redpepper the robot uses artificial intelligence software to recognise Wally in a crowd of other fictional faces and then uses a robotic arm to point him out.

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Toothbrush party! Because this is the sort of situation that happens to guys who live together often, the team behind Instagram account subtledildo fell into the idea for their project after trying to make a beer tap out of a dildo via The Daily Dot. It didn't work, because "it made all the beer smell and taste like rubber," but friends and visitors to the guys' apartment enjoying gawping at the sex toy just nonchalantly laid out there on a shelf.

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Um, so this is happening. A Tumblr has been created in which a dildo is poised in every photo and viewers are invited to do their best to find it. It puts the dildo in its rightful place.

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Top definition. Where's Waldo unknown. Farting in public without saying excuse me leaving everyone guessing who farted. An internet prank where it shows a picture from the Original Where's Waldo books.

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Muns, Raleigh. Not in the libraries because he's been banned ". The Current University of Missouri-St.

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It was a sad day when we realised we were a bit too old to see any fun in scouring a busy cartoon illustration for Wally - the famous red-and-white stripe topped, specs-ridden man who made it his business to hide in irritating places. But now, thanks to the quite frankly genius Instagram account 'Subtle Dildo', we can legitimately enter back into that world of 'finding things' fun, as we search pictures for quite well hidden dildos. Be it shops, fridges, bathrooms, wherever. These sex toys just aren't popping out at us easily.


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