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The song features legendary producer and rapper Missy Elliot. We are so excited about the fact that we have a collab with Missy Elliot on our album. We are genuine Missy fans and we all listened to her growing up.

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You wanna make some big bucks, huh? Let's see how tough you are You know something about cocaine? You kidding me or what man?

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If anyone should've been there, I know it should've been me I know he wouldn't agree, but that's just how I feel And shit's been real ever since The time spent, separated myself constant from nonsense the concentration mind flips Ignorance to educated, deep thoughts of sober thinking, but I do get faded, nevertheless Disrespectful shit, I will not take it Second guess, and you will not make it and that's an understatement You can underline or over-think it Little nigga with a mastermind keeping one eye open, call me Plankton The Game Is Ours! I'm here for the taking We only came for the Benjamin Franklins, shit sweet, cinnamon flavored King seat, head of the table, meetings at the end of the day Making sure the ends meet at the end of the day I gain it all just to give it away To save face we say grace before we feast on the prey That's the beauty and the beast turned predator Compared to his competitors, there is no comparison Done with you lames and you characters, Acting out of character Fuck around and get wrote out the script Sidewalk niggas talking street shit but never foot on the cement My life ain't no fairy tale, this shit is very real I'm dodging jail cells and cemeteries, I'm low key I Never fuck with the police, so show me what these niggas really talking 'bout Geeta G, Kick these niggas in they fucking mouth! Verse 2: Geeta House I was Born in August, way too early to see pops leave, no wonder I was born Fallin' But this the come-up, I tell moms everyday we're gonna' shine when her son is up I gotta grind, We're the new comers coming for commas They wanna' shun us, pull us under And blame it on the greed but they can't Big Pun us Trying to rap with your eyes on a deal Is like trying to eat with your eyes on your meal Me, I keep my eyes on the millz, staying meek Slaying beats so I can feast with my peeps I'm a killer when I speak, I would call you beef But you're really just veal!

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LGY — Playa Playa feat. Massagets Feat. Playa — Denezhki.

Now that's something to think about For all those that stay down One love, love Verse 1: Kingpin Skinny Pimp Kid we push race state to state You can fake like you straight You can hate anyway Don't play trick shake like a snake Don't come up in my face I'll take you to the Gimisum dungeon real late Where your ass ain't safe And somebody gotta go Cuz you bitches move slow and you fuckin' with me though Whoa, you can die like Kenny Cuz Kenny ain't skinny And I ain't temp dog skinny pimp got plenty Fans pumpin up real shit Fuck them other niggas Tricks know they goin Hoes flossin' like some killas Rookies it's on now It's on now BLAM Don't touch the nuts boy I done laid you down Before you can lay me you said yeah The cap is goin I eat the trick 'cause all you foods be gone We could strap up We could click click H click click BLAOW In your talkin' big mouth now How you like me now? El sonido del video musical gratis Somethin 2 Think About Feat. Enlace espejo.


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