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The best thing about being Fire Lord? Telling everybody to stay the fuck away from a hallway whenever Zuko wanted. Zuko's gruff shouts had been happening more frequently, ordering entire sections of the palace cleared out so he could "talk" to his Water Tribe adviser.

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With my approval rating at an all-time low from the whole Harmony Restoration Movement controversy, I fear that the New Ozai Society will have little trouble dethroning me. Not to mention that the Kemurikage are kidnapping Fire Nation children and may be after my life! I cannot sit back and do nothing while waiting for Aang to arrive.

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Hey, this is my first story, so go easy. I've been kind of 'trained' by SubjectDeltaBubz on how to write since I know him in real life. He gave me this idea since he really didn't want to do this kind of story. So I guess I'm taking on whatever he can't really write, i.

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You call this fucking? The air in the throne room was deafeningly quiet aside from the constant tapping noise on Zuko's fingers rapping against the arm rests of his throne, the guards spanning the length of the room stood in perfect formation completely still as if scared to move as Zuko let out a weary sigh "ok, who's next? Unfurling a scroll and dipping his quill into the inkpot that rested on his leg Iroh went through the many crossed out names on the scroll finding none left uncrossed "I'm afraid that was all of them my boy, looks like we'll have to try again another day".

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Previous Entry Next Entry. Sokka and Zuko are accidentally well-suited to working together. Since You Asked by Mistress of Sarcasm Since the dawn of time, there have been three things deemed as essential conversation material for male bonding: Food, women, and pointy objects.

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Author notes: this story is set after the failed invasion of the fire nation Suki and Sokka have been captured and are being held in the imperial palace as bait for Aang. This story contains mature content sex you have been warned. Azula tapped her fingers impatiently "hurry up" she spat as the servant finished tying her hair in to its neat bun.

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Suki and Sokka stood still at the door. In a distance a small hoot cam from a flying owl. Suki threw a side look at Aang. Sokka placed him back on his feet and Aang felt a little bit dizzy.

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He was blindfolded, he was gagged, his arms and feet were bound in leather. He knew he was in some sort of metal contraption, although probably not a ship because he didn't hear the ocean when they loaded him onto it. He assumed he was in a cell, the bars slamming open just reiterated that deduction.

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Heheheh xD :P oh look! It is hot in here. I guess I did it again ;D" Aang started literally drooling.


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