Map of asian steppe

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This grassland and steppe-dominated ecoregion on the border between northwest China and Kazakhstan includes cold temperate mountains and a system of shallow saline lakes that provide breeding habitat for many waterfowl including two globally threatened bird species, Dalmation pelicans Pelecanus crispus and relict gulls Larus relictus. The main threat to this ecoregion is mineral and oil extraction; Kazakhstan is well known for its mineral deposits. Landscapes of this ecoregion are predominantly montane grassland with shrub-steppe below 2, m and meadow steppe and alpine meadow above.

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The Steppebelt of grassland that extends some 5, miles 8, kilometres from Hungary in the west through Ukraine and Central Asia to Manchuria in the east. Mountain ranges interrupt the steppe, dividing it into distinct segments; but horsemen could cross such barriers easily, so that steppe peoples could and did interact across the entire breadth of the Eurasian grassland throughout most of recorded history. Nonetheless, the unity of steppe history is difficult to grasp; steppe peoples left very little writing for historians to use, and Chinese, Middle Eastern, and European records tell only what happened within a restricted range across their respective steppe frontiers.

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In terms of layout, Steppe is the nomadic version of Golden Pit except with an abundance of animals to hunt in the center instead of Gold Mines. Player's begin on a very flat prairie just outside of central steppe. Livestock are found pasturing in the prairie and can provide a nourishing source of food.

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The prairie of North America especially the shortgrass and mixed prairie is an example of a steppe, though it is not usually called such. A steppe may be semi-arid or covered with grass or shrubs or both, depending on the season and latitude. The term is also used to denote the climate encountered in regions too dry to support a forest but not dry enough to be a desert.

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Its boundaries coincide with a center of high atmospheric pressure resulting in hot dry summers and cold winters, without significant snow. In spite of the relatively small number of endemics, this ecoregion is globally important because it supports the largest populations of several rare and imperiled species. Lakes provide sanctuaries for diverse and rare species of waterfowl, great amount of migratory birds from different parts of the world are nesting and feeding in protected wetland areas, such as Kourgaldzhin and Tengiz Lakes.

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The term "steppe" denotes grassland : a low-precipitation region with enough rain for grass, but not enough for trees see Climates and Biomes. The rolling plains of the Steppe are occasionally pierced by mountains ; the most serious of these interruptions divides the region into the western Steppe which lies mainly in Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan and eastern Steppe which lies chiefly in Mongolia and China. The eastern Steppe is drier and colder than its western counterpart; consequently, Steppe peoples historically tended to migrate westward.

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A steppe is a dry, grassy plain. Steppes occur in temperate climate s, which lie between the tropics and polar regions. Temperate regions have distinct seasonal temperature changes, with cold winters and warm summers.

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The Eurasian Steppealso called the Great Steppe or the steppesis the vast steppe ecoregion of Eurasia in the temperate grasslands, savannas, and shrublands biome. The Steppe route is a predecessor not only of the Silk Road which developed during antiquity and the Middle Agesbut also of the Eurasian Land Bridge in the modern era. The Eurasian Steppe extends thousands of miles from near the mouth of the Danube almost to the Pacific Ocean.

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The steppe crosses the Russian plain, south of the taiga, penetrating deep into Siberia. It comprises three main types, which run in roughly parallel bands from east to west: forest steppe in the north, through steppe, to semi -desert steppe in the south. Within these belts, zones of temporary inundation on floodplains or in zones of internal drainage provide valuable hay land.


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