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Sep 26, by Letters. It is one of our human conceits to imagine we can distill a set of beliefs and values from the flawed culture in which we find them and come out with a pure product. Sixteenth-century Anabaptists tried and failed to create the pure New Testament church, and likely we will fail in such endeavors as well.

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T he road to Manitoba is dusty and the four-hour drive terribly hot. But at its end, there is a scene from a fairy tale. Shiny milk tanks line the entrance to farmhouses set amid impeccably manicured lawns.

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For several years in the mids, the women of the Manitoba Colony of Mennonites in Bolivia reported waking up in bed with injuries as if from sexual assault, but with no memory of the night before. At least nine men in the colony had been spraying a veterinary sedative made from the belladonna plant into homes to tranquilize entire families before raping the girls and women. Court records show at least victims, though the true number is probably higher. Q: No one outside the colony knows what these women really did.

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There was no other explanation. No way of explaining how a woman could wake up with blood and semen stains smeared across her sheets and no memory of the previous night. No way of explaining how another went to sleep clothed, only to wake up naked and covered by dirty fingerprints all over her body.

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She earned an M. Melissa is committed to the local church building power for local, systemic change as members of diverse coalitions. She is also on the steering committee for the Women in Leadership Project.

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I typically trust my host to be the discerning one with such questions. Of course, everyone was. One student agreed.

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By Becky Evans. The spate of terrifying night-time rapes in an isolated, orthodox Christian community went on for four years and yet the victims could barely remember the ordeal and many believed they had dreamed it. It was not until that nine men were eventually convicted of the rape of more than women and girls in their own homes in the Mennonite Manitoba Colony in Bolivia. But despite the convictions, it has emerged that the sexual attacks in the closed community are continuing.

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Since then, Old Colony Mennonites have moved throughout the New World in search of arable land and cultural sovereignty: first to Manitoba in the late 19th century, then to Mexico in the mids, after Canada required their children to attend government-approved schools. The Mennonites—whose Anabaptist denomination takes its name from Menno Simons, a 16th-century priest—owe their prosperity to strict social discipline and traditions closely guarded against surrounding influences. Modern conveniences are avoided.

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Mennonite women and girls - living in Manitoba Colony, Bolivia - woke up with semen stains on their clothes and rope tied to their ankles, but no recollection of an attack. For years, residents of Manitoba Colony thought demons were raping the town's women and children. Young girls were waking up in the morning with semen stains on their clothes and rope tied to their ankles, but no recollection of an attack. The reclusive group follows a strict moral code and rejects modern inventions such as cars and electricity, much like the Amish.


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